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All children can practice good behavior in the classroom

Edufresh's PBIS course helps teachers understand challenging behavior and how to best support the students in their classroom

What the course looks like for teachers

Teachers will be guided through interactive learning modules that include text, images, video, and interactive content crafted especially for them

We support all areas of student's learning and development


PBIS increases student engagement with academic tasks and improves behavior management therefore providing more focus on academics


Students learn how to communicate, play, collaborate, and problem solve through a common language established through PBIS


PBIS supports a constructive and trusting environment where students feel safe and can learn from instructors they trust


Students are taught desired ways of responding that adults consistently reinforce, promoting positive behavior

Benefits of EduFresh PBIS

                   School Districts

Enable Teachers

Content enables teachers to be more competent and self-sufficient in helping students and managing behavioral issues

Increase Job Satisfaction

Course helps teachers enjoy their job - reducing job turnover and decreasing burnout

Decrease Complaints

Decrease parent's complaining about their children's learning atmosphere or behavior

Offer Continuing Education

Provide a meaningful course option for professional development

Increase Parent's Confidence

Increase parent's confidence that your teachers are able to provide an excellent learning atmosphere for their child


Increase Confidence

Increase confidence to overcome behavioral issues in the classroom by positively influencing those students who are struggling

Learn Behavioral Interventions

Learn proven behavioral interventions to improve student's behavior and help them turn around and excel  

Create a Positive Learning Atmosphere

Helps you build an atmosphere of learning for all students in which they feel safe and comfortable

Reduce Stress

Knowing how to increase positive behavior will reduce stress and burnout in the workplace

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Meet the Authors

Dr. Aaron Fischer
​PhD, BCBA - D

Dr. Fischer is the Dee Endowed Professor of school psychology, adjunct associate professor of psychiatry, director of the HMHI HOME interdisciplinary pediatric feeding disorders clinic and the Utah School Mental Health Collaborative, at the University of Utah. He is a Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst. He has worked with individuals with social-emotional and behavioral concerns, and their families, for over 15 years. His research focuses on the intersection of technology, behavior, and school mental health.

Dr. Leanne  Hawken
​​PhD, BCBA - D

Dr. Hawken PhD BCBA - D has more than two decades of experience teaching both Tier 1 and Tier 2 PBIS interventions. She had a significant impact on EduFresh's Tier 1 offerings and is the lead author for our Check-In, Check-Out courses for Tier 2.

She has thousands of works citing her studies, reaching many through writing or conferences in which she presents. She has four books that have helped her expand her positive reach on the education system and create learning environments.